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Background is the result of a close collaboration between US-based SKYDEX Technologies, Inc. and Dutch family business TSS International BV.

SKYDEX® technology has helped protect soldiers, humanitarian aid workers, Embassy staff and many more throughout the world to survive under-vehicle IED blasts.

Having worked together on armoured vehicle security for over a decade, they have now joined forces to bring the next generation of helmet protection systems to the market. SKYDEX proven technology now also allows helmet users of all sorts, all over the world to make their helmets better helmets.

Low-profile impact protection

Superior protection

Energy-Absorbing Technology

Regardless of its application, a helmet’s primary function is to protect your head from getting injured. The hard shell of the helmet stops foreign threats from directly hitting your vulnerable head and a strap or lining system stabilises the helmet so it doesn’t move around and hinder you in doing your job.

Each head is unique, however. So, how can you make your helmet a Better Helmet?

The solution is here! SKYDEX has developed the unique and disruptive SKYDEX IsoFit Helmet Protection System, designed to increase helmet comfort, stability and protection all at once.

Law Enforcement & Training

Increasingly more often, law enforcement and civil protection officers face dangerous situations due to aggression during their work. A more aggressive society, quicker and unexpected escalations with a higher level of violence have changed the work environment of Police and Crowd Control units.

With the evolving threat, it is important to have the protective gear of those who protect us to evolve, too.

SKYDEX IsoFit Helmet Protection Systems are available in various configurations:

  • Liner-only
  • IsoFit Liner and SKYDEX Advanced Protection Pads
  • IsoFit Liner and SKYDEX Extreme Protection Pads

Designed to absorb the energy impact and to reduce the chance of blunt trauma, SKYDEX energy absorbing technology forms a perfect synergy with IsoFit Liner.

IsoFit makes sure that the helmet sits comfortably and in a stable manner while the energy absorbing pads protect the head from harmful impact.

To best prepare those who protect us, SKYDEX IsoFit Helmet Protection Systems can be used for training helmets, as well as day-to-day operations and mission. To make training as realistic and effective as possible, SKYDEX has developed a line of helmet protection products for training environments, where the energy of helmet impact may be lower than ballistic forces, but still high enough to require extra protection. Light-weight, highly adjustable, breathable and easy to clean can now go hand in hand with superior protection.

Key Features and benefits:

  • Superior impact protection
  • Highly adjustable
  • Extreme stability
  • Super light-weight
  • Highly breathable
  • Easy to clean

SKYDEX IsoFit Helmet Protection Systems are available from stock through your official European SKYDEX Distributor, TSS International BV.

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Unmatched stability

SKYDEX IsoFit Helmet Protection System

The IsoFit liner is a 360° one-hand adjustable retention system, allowing micro adjustments for the best possible fit. Unlike most retention systems, which clamp the helmet to the head on the forehead and nape, the IsoFit Liner is adjustable over the entire top of the head, so less pressure is needed for a better, more distributed fit and higher stability.


Defence & security

For people working in defence & security, wearing a helmet is more than a simple necessity. Often, ballistic protection is needed and the helmet is also used to carry specialty equipment, such as night vision goggles. The equipment on the helmet can function as a facilitator for the user, enabling them to better do their job under high duress. The equipment can also limit effectiveness if its weight becomes a burden for the retention system. The helmet starts sliding around, or the retention system, traditionally fixating on the forehead and nape, has to be tightened to the point of discomfort.

SKYDEX IsoFit Helmet Protection System combines unparalleled impact protection and superior fit.

SKYDEX shock mitigating products have been fitted in more than 30.000 armoured vehicles worldwide, helping protect users against the kinetic energy of under-vehicle IED-blasts. This technology is now also available for ballistic helmets.

Low-profile impact protection to keep the user safe

Perfect fit

Energy-absorbing technology

SKYDEX unique impact absorption pads protect the head from kinetic energy transferred from the helmet to the head upon impact with a foreign object. By compressing upon impact, they partly absorb and reduce the energy to a less harmful level. After impact, the pads are designed to immediately rebound into their original shape, ready for the next impact. The pads are placed all around the inside of the helmetwith a hook-and-loop system.

Besides the unparalleled protection thanks to the patented technology and geometries, the longevity of the pads make them a sustainable solution as well. They are also easily cleaned and extremely light weight.

Whether you are active in law enforcement, recreational tactical sports (e.g. airsoft or paintball), or defence & security, is sure to have a solution to match your needs and exceed your expectations.

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Superior protection

Unmatched stability

Perfect fit

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